The reality of child labour in India

Did you know that according to the National Census 2011, there are over 33 million children engaged in child labour in India in the age group of 6 to 18 years? An estimated 80% of child labourers are concentrated in rural areas.

A survey conducted by the 8th All India Education Survey reveals below facts on Child Labor:

  • At present, there are 17 million children labour in India.
  • A study found that children were sent to work by compulsion and not by choice, mostly by parents, but with a recruiter playing a crucial role in influencing the decision.
  • When working outside the family, children put in an average of 21 hours of labour per week.
  • 19% of children employed work as domestic help.
  • 90% of working children are in rural India.
  • 85% of working children are in the unorganized sectors.
  • About 80% of child labour is engaged in agricultural work.
  • Millions of children work to help their families because the adults do not have appropriate employment and income thus forfeiting schooling and opportunities to play and rest.
  • Children also work because there is a demand for cheap labour.
  • Large numbers of children work because they do not have access to good quality schools.
  • Poor and bonded families often “sell” their children to contractors who promise profitable jobs in the cities and the children end up being employed in brothels, hotels and domestic work.
  • 500,000 children are forced into this trade every year.