Quality Education, Good ethics and moral values, best services for deprived children is our motto for this Project.



Mahatma Gandhi‟s highest priority was education. When asked: “What is the true solution for the country‟s problems in your view?” The austere Mahatma had tersely replied: “Education and Cleanliness.” motivated through this ideology and promotes education in the slum area of Bengaluru. Our aim is to produce a good citizen with higher moral standards and strong ethical values.

Education is not restricted to the four walls of a school. Nature, society, industry, art, games – social work – are all able to provide education.

  • Education is the only medium of social change.
  • The most precious thing with man is life. To achieve higher and higher goal in life is the aim of education. In another world, every child is potentially divine and the aim of education is to acquire this divinity. 
  • The whole process of education should be joyful.



We believe that every child is potentially divine and the aim of education is to bring out this divinity and produce a good person. We want to make difference in our slum students‟ lives by providing them vital academic information, skills, strategies, and by enhancing positive social growth and physical development. “Sushikshana learning centre” Project ensures that each student of the adapted slum area acquires the knowledge, skill and strategies necessary to reach his/her full potential and become a productive, responsible citizen. As a result of these children will become lifelong learners who are sensitive to the needs of changing world.



1. Enrollment: All the eligible children of the slum must be enrolled in the school in 1st standard.

2. Retention: Every enrolled child must complete elementary education up to 8th grade. There should not be any dropout.

3. Quality Education: Children should get Quality Education and joy of learning.

4. Elimination of Poverty: By providing basic primary education and basic skills, they will be able to earn more and come out of poverty.



To bring out the hidden talent of the children through various games, inculcate the good moral value and providing primary education


Daily 2 quality hours will we cultivate for a group of 40 children in the slum area.



Ragpicker, bagger, street child, Child Labor, HIV/AIDs, out of school and Government school student etc.
Age group: 6 to 14.


The project is continuing for 10 years, and we indicate expanses for one year.



One of the basic objectives of the “Happy Children Center” Project is to prevent alienation felt by children from economically deprived families in the school system and enrich the curriculum through various inputs to make it interesting for them. We would like to bring out the hidden talent of these poor and neglected rural children. In Bengaluru slum, many people live in slums and huts or kacha-pakka house. The children of such parent of deprived of education and are generally observed engaged in child labour. The main motto of the “Sushikshana learning centre” is to impart primary education to these children or to give education by playing. The first and foremost object of the Happy Children Center is to canalized such child labour, ragpicker, beggers, drop-out student and government school going student or out of school children towards education through games and extracurricular activities. “Learning with Fun” will be the main aim of the centre. Besides, to imbibe good moral value, create health and hygiene awareness and on the environment of education would be the main focus of the Sushikshana learning centre. Such Sushikshana learning centre will be started near every crossroad, public plots, and garden or under a tree for surrounding development of such underprivileged children. It will provide a platform for the children to exhibit their hidden talent at the centre. Our endeavour at this “Sushikshana learning centre” would be to give back childhood to the children and bring a smile and joy to their faces.



Every day centre starts with prayer. First, we together all children and play with them, we show how morally right and wrong and better show in-game to understand the lesson of moral value, then gradually we give the primary lesson and we play some game which increases knowledge of the alphabet and basic fundamental of mathematic etc. Periodically we also provide colourful pencil to draw different shape and design, and origami helps to create new ideas. Regular Health Check will indicate the health of every child and children will enjoy picnics and visit different public places under the “VISIT Programme” concept. E-education concept will be used to understand different type of science experiment and the story of history, it the audio and visual video will easy to remember their lesson. Computer education – by Laptop – will also keep pace with the world. Periodical Exam will improve their progress. Yoga and Surya namaskar and meditation will also one of the good experiments to abreast their mental and physical development. Parent meeting and good parenting will also one of the essential parts of Happy Children Center, by this way parent can know the progress and weak point of their children. Every year children get knowledge of the different subjects by Project Work Activity with the teamwork of 10 students by this way they try to know the practical lesson of life skill.