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Donate sanitary pads


Donate and support the underprivileged girl to get access to sanitary pads. More than 23 million adolescent girls drop out of school annually due to a lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities, which include the availability of sanitary napkins and logical awareness of menstruation.

Sanitary napkins are one of the most essential needs for a woman or girl. Due to the pandemic situation, those belonging to the less fortunate communities have found it difficult to arrange for the same but not anymore

Voice of Nation Foundation is going to conduct a distribution drive at slums to make all periods having women feel privileged by donating them sanitary pads. We request you all to spread a message that it's not a shame but a responsibility to continue the human cycle further.

Through our programs, we teach young girls that their menstrual cycles are natural, a sign of good reproductive health and are something they have in common with girls in countries worldwide!

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